There are many different aspects of "Student Services." We have listed below all areas and if you would like more information on these areas please speak with one of the administrators.

Media Center

Flawless Institut De Beautè Enhancement provides a complete state-of-the-art Media Center. The Media Center provides access to the Internet for students and staff. The media center not only enables our students access to the internet and to communicate with their family and friends, it also enables our students to research and obtain all necessary information they need to become successful from training, receiving a complete education, and obtaining career placement throughout the world. All of our programs are on-line, and students are able to interact, study, and participate in sample testing in subject matters related to the field of cosmetology.

Employment While You Learn

Flawless Institut De Beautè Enhancement has joined together with prominent local employers to hire students at above average compensation while they attend the institute. These employers are also willing to arrange for flexible working hours around school schedules. While these positions are not necessarily in the field of cosmetology, they do allow the student to earn while they attend at the institute. Employment for students is open to all Bahamian citizens and eligible non-citizens only


We encourage all our students to bank with local institutions, especially those close to the school. We recommend Commonwealth Bank located within 6minutes from the school, Royal Bank of Canada located 3 minutes from the school and Bank Of The Bahamas International located 5 minutes. Students will receive information on the various banking services available upon arrival. A simple checking account with an optional savings account is recommended. International students will be assisted in every aspect of their banking needs.


Public Bus or Taxicab - A taxicab is recommended for the prospective student. A taxicab allows the prospective student to become familiar with the Carmichael Road area without becoming disorientated. However, public transportation is also available.

Rental Car. You must be at least 21 years of age and possess a major credit card in order to rent a car. We can assist the student in making these arrangements for the best possible rates per day or week. Rates vary depending upon the type of car and the time of the year.

Bicycle - Students that live close enough to the school have found that cycling is a very economical, healthy way to get around. A typical, inexpensive mountain bike will cost between $100 and $200.

Automobile - This option is the most popular as a used car offers the student flexibility and convenience. A good used car may cost anywhere from $1,000.00 to $4,000.00. We will gladly recommend a reputable used car dealer.

Additional Services

We are happy to provide additional services such as: assistance with furniture rentals, arrangements for English placement tests, plus recommendations for reputable community services and businesses. We will gladly do whatever we can to make the student's time with us as enjoyable as possible.

Carmichael Road Area

The Carmichael Road Area is located in Nassau Bahamas. Its 3 miles of shopping, mild climate throughout the year, very safe and low crime rate. Warm hospitality has attracted visitors to this area for years. Because of its convenient location, Carmichael Road Area is also the perfect spot for all your shopping and banking needs. You have easy access to other attractions. Paradise Island a City all by itself, There are two bridges that connect Paradise Island to Nassau (Carmichael Road) (one each for entering and exiting traffic.) There is a ferryboat area near the bottom of the entrance bridge where you can ride a ferryboat to downtown Nassau. It is only a half hour drive from Carmichael Road.

Paradise Island also holds a small airport for Chalks Airlines (seaplanes) and helicopters. It's located just at the mouth of the canal leading to the Atlantis Marina.

Besides Atlantis restaurants and eateries, Paradise Island has some very nice restaurants and shops. Hurricane Hole Shopping Plaza has Blue Marlin, Zio Gigi's and News Cafe as well as some very nice gift shops. There's a small grocery store in the plaza to pick up supplies. Anthony's Caribbean Grill is nearby, as well as upscale souvenir shops, banks and a liquor store. You can find most anything you may need in these stores along Casino Drive.

You'll also find one of the most beautiful beaches in the world along the North Side of the Island, Cabbage Beach. To access Cabbage Beach, you need only to walk up the Drive past the RIU hotel to the public walkway (it's marked). Up over the dunes and down the other side, you'll find locals renting lounge chairs and umbrellas, giving wonderful massages and selling wares. All beaches in the Bahamas are public and free.

There are no public restrooms, but the beach is really quite beautiful and relaxing. For those who want to snorkel from the beach, you'll have to hike to the east a bit to find Snorkelers Cove. Nice little area in the rocks off the beach.

For more information on Paradise Island and the various attractions they have to offer please visit www.Atlantis.com


Student Services